City, Company & Crowd

For small to medium-sized institutions, many opportunities to create a healthy financing mix are still left untapped. Therefore, the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) and voordekunst offer institutions a unique program called City, Company & Crowd.

In this trajectory, the participating institutions collect 30,000 euros for a specific project within the organization: 10,000 euros through crowdfunding, 10,000 euros from sponsorship and when you succeed to collect both of those, the AFK matches this amount with another 10,000 euros. City, Company & Crowd participants are supervised by voordekunst.


The trajectory


In this six-month program, we prepare you through five different workshops. We build the story, look for your donors and sponsors, you practice pitching for sponsors and we make the campaign planning.

During the campaign we supervise you and the voordekunst-team is at your service with advice and assistance. Afterwards, we evaluate and prepare a transfer document.



Photo by Eva Plevier




As a participating institution you must meet the following conditions:

  • The institution has an artistic objective
  • The institution is a foundation (stichting) or an association (vereniging)
  • The institution has no more than 10 employees
  • The institution is based in Amsterdam
  • Costs and time investment

As a participating institution you pay 250 euros ex. VAT. When you succeed to fundraise the final amount of 30,000 euros, you will receive this as a donation. In addition, we charge a 7% fee on the entire target amount.

On average, the workshops take half a day. During the campaign you will be very busy with the process, so voordekunst helps you to make a sound planning for this period. 


‘’During the crowdfunding campaign you work on it every day, but voordekunst oversees your planning. This way you both ensure that it does not swallow your entire week.’’ - Marco, Nieuw Vocaal Amsterdam


The registration for City, Company & Crowd 2019 is closed.