Creative Funding-trajectory

For organisations that want to raise an amount of €20.000 or more, Creative Funding offers a personal advice trajectory with a voordekunst crowdfunding expert. In this three-year trajectory the crowdfundingexpert is the tower of strength to your organisation and offers help and advice to find funds ánd audiences together. The results of this trajectory? 

  • At least one funded project
  • Establishing a lasting relationship with your audience
  • Being a member of our knowledge-sharing network


Jeannette Smit (artistic director Theater Bellevue): ‘’Creative Funding is valuable in the long term as well, it really has a huge impact‘’. Theater Bellevue raised over 44.000 euro with Creative Funding.


Find money ánd an audience


During the trajectory you as an organization start at least one crowdfunding campaign, together with the crowdfunding expert. In close collaboration with the expert, you discuss the project for which your organization wants to crowdfund. After the intake, the core team of your institution receives a crowdfunding crash course and a separate employee meeting creates a support base for the campaign within the organization. The expert helps you prepare a campaign and promotion plan and provides advice on content.

When the campaign starts, we handle the questions from donors, monitor the planning and take care of the financial administration. This way, the core team of your organization can focus on what really matters: the promotion around the campaign. Every week the crowdfunding expert visits the core team for an update.

After the campaign you will receive the statistics that have been collected via the Creative Funding platform. You also evaluate the campaign with the crowdfunding expert.


Photo by Eva Plevier


From crowdfunding to crowdkeeping


Crowdfunding is not only about raising money for your project, but also about building a connection with your audience in a sustainable way. The Creative Funding-trajectory therefore does not stop after the crowdfunding campaign, but continues to support you on relationship management. After the campaign, the crowdfunding expert supports you with converting your donors into sustainable fans. For example, we provide you with a donor analysis, we test your supporters' willingness to donate and we advise you on maintaining in touch with the donors. This is how we go from crowdfunding to crowdkeeping.


Knowledge is for sharing


When you participate in the Creative Funding-trajectory, you become a member of our "Creative Funding" network. With two knowledge-sharing events per year, we share insights and keep you up-to-date on trends in crowdfunding, other alternative financing methods and relationship management. And of course you can also exchange your knowledge and experiences with other members of this network.



A trajectory consists of three years. The costs for the trajectory are € 3,500 (excl. 21% VAT) per year and 9% fee (excl. 21% VAT) on the amount collected in the crowdfunding campaign. The time investment depends on the size of the campaign and the preparation time, we are happy to discuss this with you in an informal intake conversation.


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