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The Creative Funding-trajectory


For organizations that want to raise 20,000 euros or more, Creative Funding offers a personal advice trajectory with a voordekunst crowdfunding expert. This crowdfunding expert is the tower of strength to your organisation and offers help and advice to run a successful campaign together.

In 2020, ten places will be available for this trajectory.


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City, Company & Crowd


For small to medium-sized institutions, many opportunities to create a healthy financing mix are still left untapped. Therefore, the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) and voordekunst offer institutions a unique program called City, Company & Crowd.

In this trajectory, the participating institutions collect 30,000 euros for a specific project within the organization: 10,000 euros through crowdfunding, 10,000 euros from sponsorship and when you succeed to collect both of those, the AFK matches this amount with another 10,000 euros. City, Company & Crowd participants are supervised by voordekunst.


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Friends Campaign: starting an individual giving scheme


With crowdfunding via voordekunst you ask donors to contribute to a project within your organization on a one-off basis. If your organization wants to engage its audience in a different, more structural way, a friends campaign to kickstart an individual giving scheme could be a possibility. With a friends campaign you collect a group of private donors who will structurally donate to your organization on a monthly basis. In other words, a club of friends!


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