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Creative Funding is an initiative set up by voordekunst to broaden the services with regards to financing and fundraising in the creative sector. Every year, hundreds of people successfully make use of the services and knowledge that voordekunst offers in the field of crowdfunding. For cultural institutions, however, certain objections prevent them from activating their supporters: lack of time, not knowing how to start, or their own brand not fully matching the available platforms. 


With Creative Funding, voordekunst joins forces with Kentaa to remove these obstacles and to help institutions make their ambitious plans come true. Together with those for whom they are intended: the audience.


The experts at voordekunst provide the personal supervision of the Creative Funding services. Kentaa offers the technical solution so that institutions can set up campaign pages in their own house style. This way, we join forces to provide optimum customer value. 


We offer various services under the Creative Funding flag to allow institutions to see the power of their supporters. Crowdfunding with the right attitude.


Why Creative Funding?


 From idea to reality, swiftly

The direct goal of the crowdfunding campaign ensures a quick follow up from idea to development and realisation.

  Your engaged audience is proud of your activities

When audience members are invited to become more directly involved with an organisation, they visit it more often, and are more inclined to tell others about it.

No time? No problem.

The Creative Funding expert helps you to develop the right strategy, and continues to keep in track of the schedule, also during the campaign.

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