Friends campaign

With a Creative Funding-trajectory you ask donors to contribute to a project within your organization on a one-off basis. If your organization wants to engage its audience in a different, (more) structural way, a friends campaign to kickstart an individual giving scheme could be a possibility.

With a friends campaign you collect a group of private donors who will structurally donate to your organization on a monthly basis. In other words, a club of friends!


Who preceded you?


Hard//Hoofd managed to add around 300 friends to their network in a short time, all of whom donate €5 or €10 per month. Framer Framed gathered around 100 friends to support their programming on a structural basis.

Creative Funding helps you determine and set up a strategy for the friends campaign. The friends register directly via a page on the website/environment of the organization.


What do we do for you?


Voordekunst gives a crowdfunding workshop. Afterwards, we discuss how we can best develop and execute the campaign with the team, how to divide the tasks and what role the ambassadors will play. Voordekunst will prepare and guide the meeting.

We also help you with setting up the campaign planning, we provide feedback on the content of the campaign, we monitor it and you will be in touch with the Creative Funding team on a weekly basis to go through the planning.


Contact us for the possibilities