Creative Funding offers your organisation knowledge, time and technical support to help you finance beautiful projects from €20.000 through actively engaging your audience and building your fanbase. 

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What Creative Funding means for your organisation:


Experienced experts provide active support in your own office
Engage your audience and turn them into valuable ambassadors

Increased funds for beautiful and important projects

Your own branding on your own platform environment


Why Creative Funding?

 From idea to reality, swiftly

The direct goal of the crowdfunding campaign ensures a quick follow up from idea to development and realisation.

  Your engaged audience is proud of your activities

When audience members are invited to become more directly involved with an organisation, they visit it more often, and are more inclined to tell others about it.

We help you to organise your time efficiently

The Creative Funding expert helps you to develop the right strategy, and continues to keep in track of the schedule, also during the campaign.

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Creative Funding

With Creative Funding, voordekunst offers various trajectories in which crowdfunding and crowdkeeping are at the core. Through the intensive personal supervision of our crowdfunding experts, we work together to find funding and audiences for your organization. An initiative of voordekunst, set up in collaboration with Kentaa. More information? Visit